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You will find information on the long term health conditions related to PCOS and how to reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.

PCOS across the lifespan

You will find an overview of how the symptoms and experience of PCOS changes over the life span.

Eating disorders and disordered eating

You will find information on eating disorders and disordered eating.

Long term health issues

You will find information on the longer term health risks to metabolic health.

Elevated blood sugar and diabetes

You will find information about elevated blood sugar and diabetes risk with PCOS.

PCOS and heart disease risk factors

You will find information about the risk of heart disease and how to manage it.

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This information is informed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) approved evidence-based guidelines, community preference and multidisciplinary clinical expertise in PCOS. MCHRI (Monash Center for Health Research and Implementation) and Monash University provide the AskPCOS application... Read more

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