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Provide information on fertility challenges some women and girls face and range of treatments available.

PCOS and fertility

Women with PCOS cannot have children. This is incorrect. Women with PCOS usually have the same family size as women with...

Fertility in women with PCOS

Provides information on infertility rates in women and girls with PCOS and the underlying causes.

Gestational diabetes

Provides an overview of pregnancy related diabetes.

Medical treatment for infertility

Provides an overview of fertility treatment options for women with PCOS experiencing difficulties getting pregnant.

Surgical options for fertility treatment

Provides an overview of the surgical options for fertility treatment for women with PCOS.

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This information is informed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) approved evidence-based guidelines, community preference and multidisciplinary clinical expertise in PCOS. MCHRI (Monash Center for Health Research and Implementation) and Monash University provide the AskPCOS application... Read more

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